M.K.R. Plus

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Transport optimization

Our springs are an important supporting component in:

  • Mattresses, beds
  • Sofas, day beds
  • Armchairs, 3-piece suites


The customer can choose out of the possibilities below and so optimize freight costs and, therefore, even the final price.

The following transport possibilities are available depending on the size and weight of the delivery:

  • Transport to the customer is performed by M.K.R. PLUS, Co.:
  • 1.2 tons – max. load weight of the smallest truck
  • 3 tons – max. load weight (Avia, Iveco)
  • 6 tons – max. load weight (DAF)
  • 9 tons – max. load weight (DAF)
  • 12 tons – max. load weight (DAF + trailer)
  • 24 tons – max. load weight (truck)
  • Smaller deliveries can be sent by means of the so-called pick-up service.
  • The customer can collect springs directly from M.K.R. PLUS – EXW Zábřeh.

One transport / one delivery can include different types of springs.

The packaging guarantees economical transport with emphasis on space saving in the truck and then in customer stores:

  • Spring frames are supplied in rolls with 5 – 50 pcs in each bundle (depending on the size and weight of separate cores).
  • Pocket springs are supplied in rolls with 5 – 10 pcs in each bundle (depending on the size and weight of separate cores).
  • Undulating springs are supplied either in bulk or in bundles with 25 items in each bundle on pallets up to 5,000 pcs of spring bellows on a pallet (secured with a strip),
  • In case of truck deliveries up to 7,000 pcs can be loaded on a pallet, i.e. up to about 182 thousand pcs on a truck.

If you are interested, we can recommend the most suitable transport alternative for you.