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Mattress spring frames

Our springs are an important supporting component in:

  • Mattresses, beds
  • Sofas, day beds
  • Armchairs, 3-piece suites


The first bonnell spring was made as early as 1808 and they are very popular even now. We are sure that your choice of the spring as a supporting element is a good one thanks to the excellent strength, springiness and sanitary properties of the basic material – high-quality steel wire.

Spring cores consisting of separate bonnell springs are made in two basic versions:

  • Bonnell
  • Minibonnell

Spring frames sizes:

  • Regular mattress (e.g. 195x75x11 cm)
  • Large “airports” (e.g. 195x135x11 cm)
  • Smaller sizes
  • Atypical sizes (e. g., corner frames)
  • Individual as requested by the customer.

Spring frame ends:

  • Frameless
  • Woven with a coil at the shorter ends
  • With one frame
  • With two frames.

Diameter of the wire:

  • 2.20 mm (Bonnell, Minibonnell)
  • 2.30 mm (Bonnell)
  • 2.40 mm (Bonnell)
  • Spring frames can be also made of less frequent wire diameters (e. g. 2.00mm, 2.15mm), if required by a customer.
  • Tolerances specified by manufacturers are taken into account with diameters of the wire bought.

Spring frame versions:

  • Bonnell
  • Spring height: 80 - 150 mm
  • Spring frames with max. height of 150 mm cannot be delivered rolled in bundles, only in bulk.
  • 4 to 6 coil turns with spring diameter of 83 - 92 mm.
  • Suspension wire 2.20 mm, 2.30 mm, 2.40 mm in diameter or another diameter, if agreed, (e.g. 2.00 mm, 2.15 mm).
  • Minibonnell
  • Spring height: 65 - 100 mm
  • 4 coil turns with spring diameter of 70 - 77 mm
  • Wire 2.20 mm in diameter or another diameter, if agreed (e.g. 2.00 mm, 2.15 mm).

Spring frames are supplied in rolls in bundles with 5 – 50 pcs in each bundle (depending on the size and weight of separate cores):

  • The advantage is lower freight costs, better handling and storability.

Apart from the standard versions, the customer can choose from alternative versions of similar spring frame types:

  • according to the wire used and the design,
  • according to the number of springs (number of springs depending on the spring diameter),
  • according to the spring core ends,
  • according to the spring frame sizes.
  • The final price of the spring frame is based on the version chosen.