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Pocket springs

Our springs are an important supporting component in:

  • Mattresses, beds
  • Sofas, day beds
  • Armchairs, 3-piece suites


A modern structural feature in the production of furniture, especially high-quality mattresses.

  • The basis is again the bonnell spring pressed in a pocket made from non-woven fabric.
  • High elasticity (spring compression and great number of springs).
  • Independent activity of separate springs.
  • Airiness, harmless to health.

Cores consisting of separate pocket springs are made in two basic versions:

  • without zones
  • with zones.

Dimensions of pocket springs:

  • regular mattress
  • large “airports”
  • smaller size
  • as required by a customer.
  • If required, even bands with pocket springs can be supplied which can be used in production of atypical upholstered furniture.

Reinforced cores of pocket springs:

  • Upper and lower fabric (recommended version – higher strength).
  • Without upper and lower fabric.

Termination of pocket spring cores:

  • Without a frame (standard version – satisfactory strength),
  • With one frame.

Versions of pocket spring cores:

  • Their heights can range between 75 and 180 mm as required by the customer.
  • Five-coil-turn (event. four-coil-turn, six-coil-turn) pocket springs are made with spring diameters of 58.5 to 67 mm.
  • Without zones:
  • The frame of pocket springs is made of the wire of one diameter:
  • 1.60 mm
  • 1.80 mm
  • 2.00 mm
  • With zones:
  • The frame of pocket springs is made of wires with more than one diameter:
  • 1.60 mm / 1.80 mm
  • 1.80 mm / 1.60 mm
  • 1.60 mm / 1.80 mm / 2,00 mm
  • The zones alternate in the core to achieve optimum springing properties depending on the load applied to the mattress:
  • three-zone version
  • five-zone version
  • seven-zone version
  • Each zone has different springing qualities.
  • Tolerances specified by manufacturers are taken into account with diameters of the wire bought.

In case other pocket springs with different sizes are required, e. g. so-called micro-pockets, we can supply them from our subcontractors.

Pocket springs are supplied in rolls, 5 to10 pcs in a bundle (according to the size and weight of the cores):

The advantage is lower freight costs, better handling and storability.

Apart from the standard versions, the customer can choose from alternative versions of similar frame types made of pocket springs:

  • according to the wire used and the design,
  • according to the number of springs (number of springs depending on the spring diameter),
  • according to the spring core ends and their reinforcement,
  • according to the pocket spring frame sizes.
  • The final price of the pocket spring frame is based on the version chosen.