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Undulating springs

Our springs are an important supporting component in:

  • Mattresses, beds
  • Sofas, day beds
  • Armchairs, 3-piece suites


Undulating springs (spring bellows, zigzag) are popular bearing elements in production of seats, three-piece suites, armchairs and sofas.

They are made in three basic versions:

  • Flat
  • Straight, lightly curved
  • Circular.

Dimensions of undulating springs:

  • Standard lengths range from 305mm to 680mm in 5 mm increments
  • i.e. 305mm, 310mm, 315mm, … 450mm, … 545mm, 680mm
  • This wide range covers all standard versions used in production of upholstered furniture.
  • Some versions can even have lengths over 680mm
  • Undulating springs by about 20 meters can also be supplied.

The diameter of the bearing wire is:

  • 3.80 mm (most frequently used)
  • 3.50 mm (also frequently used)
  • Other diameters:
  • 2.80 mm
  • 3.00 mm
  • 3.15 mm
  • 4.00 mm
  • Tolerances specified by manufacturers are taken into account with diameters of the wire bought.

Undulating springs can be supplied:

  • In bulk on pallets (secured with a strip).
  • In bundles with 25 items in each bundle on pallets (secured with a strip), up to 5,000 spring bellows on a pallet.
  • In case of truck deliveries up to 7,000 pcs can be loaded on a pallet, i.e. up to about 182 thousand pcs on a truck.

The springs can be supplied with clips:

  • Plastic Rapid Clips
  • Metal clips in PVC.

The customer can choose from alternative versions of similar undulating spring types:

  • according to the version used,
  • according to the dimensions (length),
  • according to the wire used,
  • the final price of the undulating spring is based on the version chosen